Many traditions still exist in Cabras town.
For its patron saint feast (Santa Maria Assunta 24/25 may), the streets are decorated with laurel leafs and little flags of colored paper, careful cutted by the "membresse" of the celebration organizator.
This celebration is repeated on 13 june (Saint Antonio) and the first friday of june (Sacro Cuore) and more for the San Salvatore di Sinis celebration.

During the San Salvatore's celebration you can see the beutiful and characteristic "Corsa degli scalzi" (run of barefoots): more the 800 people (man, boys and children) barefoot and with the characteristic white dress take with them, running, the saint's statue, recalling a real fact happened five centuries ago when during a saracen assault the woman saved the the simulacrum.
Very important is the easter celebration that start with the Palm Sunday;
Holy thursday: the last supper and "S'Incravamentu" (Jesus put on the cross);
Holy friday: the passion and the death with the
"Su Scravamentu" (Jesus took back from the
cross and Via Crucis.

The easter celebrations end the sunday with "S'Incontru"; Holy Mary meet Jesus after the resurrection.

Many tradions also in the sorroundings:
in Oristano "The Sartiglia" during the carnival; in Sedilo "S'Ardia"7 july ; in Santulussurgiu "Sa Carrela è Nanti " for carnival.
Many village fairs:
on august 3 days for "Sagra della Bottarga";
on november opened oil mill;
Vernaccia and Muggini village fair on the end of august in San Salvatore di Sinis.